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So, February, March, April, May, June Frog Blogs?  What can I tell you, I'm a slacker.  Or, life just gets in the way.  But, better late than never, right?
Back in September of 2013, we moved the business to Kernersville, NC, about twenty minutes west of our original Greensboro location.  It was not an easy move for the frog room.  It took about three months to get back up and running, to a point where the frogs were producing again and I was happy with the setup.
In the process, we lost a good number of our breeder frogs.  Some escaped and couldn't be found, some were just too stressed and some were lost due to problems with the misting system.
It was really early spring before the frogs were producing again.
All of this resulted in some changes in the species we were breeding.  For example, we had orange lamasis breeding and producing prodigiously for several years, but none survived the move.  We have decided not to get new breeders.  We also lost several of our pumilios, including the female bastimentos, eldorado, cristobal and a male valle de agua. 
I will decide which pumilios to start breeding again later this year.
We have been vending regularly at many reptile shows, including most Repticon shows in the Carolinas.  These shows have had their ups and downs.  Many of the hobbyists we normally saw at every show stopped attending.  It makes us wonder why.  Do people get out of the hobby due to the expense and time, due to disease, or due to losing interest?  If you were one of our regulars and got out of the hobby, send us an e-mail and let us know why.
We just got a better deal with our shipper.  We only ship by FedEx Overnight Priority, guaranteed by 10:30AM the next day.  All frogs are shipped in a insulated box, with heat or cold packs as needed.
We are releasing a large number of frogs this week, from froglets, to adults and sexed pairs.  I try to update our online store page weekly.  It's always best to call, text or e=mail for the latest availability.  It's not unusual for inventory to change daily.
Remember, we are always here to answer questions and concerns about your frogs, whether you bought them from us or another vendor.  Happy healthy frogs are our goal.
That's it for now.
Here we are in the first month of 2013.  I have been remiss in my blogging, as some of you may have noticed.  I will try to be more timely this year.  Hmmm, we'll see.

The weather has been crazy here in January.  Overall, it has been a very mild month.  70 degrees one day and snow a few days later.  We are about to go into a week long cold snap.  I can't imagine how this affects the frogs, between temperature and pressure changes.  Also, it will not be possible to ship frogs for at least a week and it is holding up a delivery of pumilio pairs.

I have taken the last week to do more updating in the frog room.  Since we currently have four species of pumilios and are expecting one more species soon, I am switching out from ten gallon verticals to twenty gallon verticals.  It should promote more breeding.  Although, it seems funny to me that in at least two in their taller vivs, all of the frogs are staying in the bottom leaf litter.

Breeding has been slow lately, so we have "spruced up" the vivs with new sphagnum moss, magnolia leaves and cork bark.  Also, we have changed up the misting patterns, going from once in the morning only, for a month and then to three times a day.  This should hopefully stimulate some breeding.

Speaking of breeding, I am very pleased to tell you that our red trivitattatus pair has laid a new clutch of eggs.  It is a moderate sized clutch for them and the eggs look a bit larger than the last few times.  If any of you have been following our red triv saga, you know that we have been quite unsuccessfull at taking them beyond the early froglet stage.  Of three large clutches, only two frogs have survived.  They are healthy and growing, but have more yellow than red coloring.
I have decided to try a different approach with this batch.  I will not take the eggs out of the viv this time and will let the parents tend to them and take the tads to the water feature.  Since there is virtually no information anywhere on rasing this species, it is all trial and error.  I have learned a lot, but still have much more to learn.

We are currently looking for more breeder stock.  Red galacts, yellow galacts, reticulatis, super blue auratus, mint terribilis, orange terribilis and captive bred cobalts are among the proven pairs and sexed adults we are seeking.  Please let us know if you have any of these available for sale.

We look forward to seeing all of our old friends, potential new friends and hobbyists at the reptile shows this year.  We will be at most of the Repticon shows in the Carolinas this year.  Our show schedule will always be posted on the home page here.

That's it for now.


Hi all,
This coming weekend, The Carolina Reptile and Exotic Animal Show is coming back to Raleigh, North Carolina.  It will be held Saturday, September 4 & Sunday, September 5 at the Raleigh Fairgrounds Exposition Center.  Doors open at 10:00 AM Saturday.

Carolina Dart Frogs will have a booth at the show.  Please stop by and say hello.  We like meeting fellow Dart Frog enthusiasts.  We will have the following items for sale at the show.
Azureus Dart Frogs
Cobalt Dart Frogs
Campana Auratus Dart Frogs
Turquoise Auratus Dart Frogs
1 Orange Lamasi tadpole
Several 10 gallon planted Vivariums
Bags of Magnolia leaves
Coco Huts
Plant cuttings
Misting bottles
Melanogaster Fruit Fly cultures
Fruit Fly culturing media

The show will also feature many vendors selling snakes, lizards, frogs, tarantulas, scorpions, birds, crickets, feeder mice, custom made fish tanks and all kinds of related equipment, featuring ZooMed.
There are also many unusual animals on display and a petting zoo.

Just in case any family members are not interested in the animals, there is a large outdoor flea market just outside the exposition center.  There are also a number of food vendors in the same area.  So bring the entire family.  There's something for everyone

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