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It's the middle of August, temps are down a bit and we are quite busy at CDF.

We took some time off from doing the reptile shows in July and August.  We are gearing up for September, when we will be at two of the bigger shows in the Carolinas.  September 3 & 4, we will be at the Carolina Reptile and Exotic Animal Show at the Raleigh Fairgrounds.  September 24 & 25 will find us at Repticon Ice in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  This will be the first "Ice" show for Repticon.

In anticipation of these shows, we have held back a good number of frogs.  We will have azureus, green & black auratus, orange lamasi, mint terribilis, bicolors, pumilio cauchero and pumilio almirante frogs available for sale.  We will have our usual supplies as well.

One of the things keeping us busy these days is construction of our Eco Vivs.  These vivariums are suitable for many creatures including dart frogs, tree frogs, anoles, geckos, small snakes, and some tarantulas.  There will be several vertical and several horizontal vivs available at the shows or for pick-up.  We have actually been selling them as quickly as we can make them lately.

Our frog room is busting at the seams right now.  There are over eighty tads in the water at this time and more eggs soon to hatch out.  Our newest addition to breeders was a pair of blue & black auratus.  They have been producing since the first week in their new home.  They should be available by late November.

It is unfortunate, but we lost all of our red trivitattus tads over the last couple of months.  They rarely reproduce in captivity, so when they laid a clutch of twenty six eggs, we were thrilled.  The tads were tiny and as they morphed out to popping their front legs they died off.  It is quite difficult to find any info on breeding them, so it's still a mystery as to what happened.  It could be that the large number of eggs produced much smaller and weaker tads than normal.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you with any questions or comments and getting pictures of frogs you have purchased from us.  We will be happy to include any of your testimonials on the site in the future.

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